Activities at the Trade Fair

Musical performances

Performance of music or folkloric shows in the stands or communal areas is prohibited during FITUR’s trade visitor days. For this reason the introduction of musical instruments into the venue will also be forbidden during this period. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in a 300 € fine.

Music shows may nonetheless take place at the exhibitors stand on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January 2022.

Noise Level

The use of sound equipment is strictly forbidden, unless the listening area is limited to within the stand’s perimeter and no disturbance is caused to other exhibitors and/or visitors. The maximum authorised sound level is 60 decibels. Breach of this rule will mean the immediate cut of electric power supply and may result in the loss of priority on the booked space for subsequent stagings. Special attention should also be paid to the distribution of promotional items which may cause unnecessary noise on trade visitor days.


Exhibitors who require catering during the exhibition, should request a permit from the Security and Internal Services Department via the Access for Catering Form available at This should be sent to:

Reserving a room

If you wish to prepare a day, press conference, product presentation, throughout the course of FITUR and you require the use of a room at the venue, you will need to make your reservation in advance.

Ask for a free estimate through the Convention Centre.

You can see online the list of rooms at the venue.