Exhibitor Badges

Each stand holder is granted a number of free exhibitor passes, according to the square metres booked.

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This list does not apply to contradeals, which have their own terms.

In order to guarantee the professional nature of the first days of exhibition, all the exhibitor and co-exhibitor’s badges will be personalised which means they will include the name of the badge holder as well as the company name.

Exhibitors and Visitors can be spot-checked.

It is possible to request additional 1 day (invoiced at 18.18 € + VAT) and permanent badges (at 27.27 € + VAT) for exhibitors and co-exhibitors.

How to request exhibitor badges?

Each badge must be expressly requested via the Exhibitors’ Area


How to request co-exhibitor badges?

In order to request co-exhibitor badges, the company must be previously registered as a co-exhibitor in the catalogue. Each registered co-exhibitor will be granted 2 additional free badges. These badges shall include the name of the badge holder as well as the company name. Contradeal exhibitors cannot register co-exhibitors.


How and when do I receive my badges?

Exhibitor and Coexhibitor badges can only be generated and downloaded online through the Exhibitors Area.

Please note that FITUR will not send badges by post.
To avoid misuse of exhibitor badges and to ensure their allocation process is supervised and controlled, there will be identity controls at FITUR entrances.