Build-up FITUR Talent

FITUR Talent module

– Illustrations are for guidance only.
– Nothing may be attached to the stand unless it can be removed without damaging the material.


5 sq.m. space.
Stand opens to aisles.
Wooden walls and structures.
Furniture supplied for each 5 sq.m.:

  • 1 reception counter, 1 stool.
  • 1 floor-standing cabinet.

Standard trade fair carpeting.
Daily stand cleaning (type A – once per day).
Multi-fair insurance and civil liability insurance.
Minimum electric power consumption (0.13 kW/sq.m.).
Inclusion in promotional Elements and services.

1 wall-mounted spotlight per wall, 1 triple-socket outlet.

Spaces for publicity and signage for exhibitors.

Additional Information

Any services or modifications made by exhibitors beyond these characteristics will be at their own expense.

All services or modifications that you wish to add or make, parting from these basic features shall be at your expense.

We shall try to adapt the layout of the elements that form the stand, the additional ones as well as the structural ones that are necessaries for the support of the stand as much as possible to the exhibitor’s needs, if it is technically possible and the plan is received with the pertinent instructions at the latest fifteen days before the beginning of the assembling period.

Once the stand has been assembled, changes in the location of any of the elements previously described, and of which the Management has not been notified, shall be billed.

The elimination, by the exhibitor, of any element of the prefabricated stand shall not mean a reduction in its cost.

All material you may use, both structural or electrical, is rented, and therefore, any deterioration in it shall be billed at current rates.

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