Build-up FITUR Screen

FITUR Screen Stand



All services or modifications that you wish to add or make, parting from these basic features shall be at your expense.

We shall try to adapt the layout of the elements that form the stand, the additional ones as well as the structural ones that are necessary for the support of the stand as much as possible to the exhibitor’s needs, if it is technically possible and the plan is received with the pertinent instructions at the latest fifteen days before the beginning of the assembling period.

Once the stand has been assembled, changes in the location of any of the elements previously described, and of which the Management has not been notified, shall be billed.

The elimination, by the exhibitor, of any element of the prefabricated stand shall not mean a reduction in its cost.

All material you may use, both structural and electrical, is rented, and therefore, any deterioration in it shall be billed at current rates.


Custom Designed stands

All companies shall be obliged to assemble their stands, including as a minimum requirement, average-sized walls adjacent to the walls of the hall or those of other stands.

Companies that opt for a custom-design stand must send their PROJECT to IFEMA’s Exhibition Services Department for approval, no later than December 12, 2021:

fax: (34) 91 722 51 27 / e-mail:

Prior to commencing this work, the stand-builder should pay IFEMA the corresponding Build-up Charge to cover services rendered during build-up and breakdown.

Should the main stand-holder wish to cover this cost and have it included in his invoice, he may order it online through the Exhibitors Area.


Maximum authorized height at the perimeter edge of stands: 4 metres.

No spotlight, construction or decorative element may project over 50 cm beyond the space allocated, at a minimum height of 2.5 metres.

Blind perimetral walls

Blind perimetral walls must not exceed 50% of each open side in length.

To build walls of a greater length, these must be set back a minimum of 3 metres towards the interior and may not exceed 80% of the length of the side.

Timetable for build-up and breakdown

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