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Turnkey Stand Package

The Turnkey Stand Package shall be delivered to stand holders as of 18th January 2022 at 8.30 a.m.

Design is for orientation only.
– No making of holes or nailing is permitted.
– Fixing/gluing is allowed only if the element may be removed without damaging the materials.
– The stand will be open to 1 or more sides/aisles depending on the location.
Stand description

Stand open to aisles.
Aluminium frame structure.
Melamine walls.
Storeroom with door as follows:

  • Stand up to 16 sq.m: 1 x 1m.
  • Stand from 16.5 to 32 sq.m: 2 x 1m.
  • Stand over 32.50 sq.m.: 3 x 1m

Furniture (for every 16 sq.m):

  • 1 round table, 4 chairs.
  • 1 reception counter, 1 stool.
  • 1 standing clothes rack, 1 waste paper basket.

Standard trade fair carpeting.
Daily stand cleaning (type A: once a day).
Basic Civil Liability and Multi-Fair Insurances.
Minimum electrical consumption (0.13 Kw/sq.m.)


General lighting based on spotlight.

Electrical switchboard equipped with magnetothermic differential and with an outlet of 500 W prepared for up to 130 W/sq.m.


Sign in standard letters with the name of the exhibitor, the stand number and the country/region when indicated, placed on the front facing each passageway.


All services or modifications that you wish to add or make, deviating from these basic features, shall be at your expense.

We shall endevour to adapt the layout of the additional and structural elements that form the stand to the exhibitor´s requirements, if it is technically possible and the plan is received with the relevant instructions at the latest fifteen days before the beginning of build-up.

Once the stand has been assembled, changes in the location of any of the elements previously described, and of which the Management has not been notified, shall be invoiced.

The elimination, by the exhibitor, of any element of the turnkey stand shall not result in a cost reduction.

All materials used, both structural or electrical, are rented and therefore any deterioration shall be billed at current rates.

Custom Designed Stands

All companies must build a stand which includes as a minimum requirement stand partition walls which separate the stand from the hall perimeter or other stands.


Maximum authorized height at the perimeter edge of stands: 4 metres.
All decorative elements, which may reach or hang from a maximum height of 6 metres, must be inset a minimum of 1 metre inwards from all stand perimeters.
This is not possible on connecting aisles between halls, nor on either side of the entrances to halls 9 and 10.
No spotlight, construction or decorative element may project over 50 cm beyond the space allocated, at a minimum height of 2.5 metres.

Blind perimetral walls

Blind perimetral walls must not exceed 50% of each open side in length.
To build walls of a greater length, these must be set back a minimum of 3 metres towards the interior and may not exceed 80% of the length of the side.

Double-decker stands

The maximum height allowed for double-decker stands is 7 m inside the halls.
The second floor should be inset a minimum of 1 metre inwards.
In the connecting aisles between halls, or either side of the entrances to halls 9 and 10, double-decker stands are not permitted.

A certificate or project must be presented with full contact details and signed by the technical expert. These documents must also be endorsed by the corresponding College. The certificate or project must specify the dimensions, use restrictions and capacity applicable, with the Exhibitor being solely responsible for the fulfilment of any limits that are established in this respect.
The interpretation and application of regulations in each specific case will be conducted by IFEMA.
The Organisation reserves the right to arbitrate exceptions if necessary based on the overall look of the Exhibition and the visibility of neighbouring stands.

Timetable for build-up and breakdown

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