FITUR adapts its cancellation policy to the present moment and its uncertainties, in order to facilitate the participation of all destinations and companies, with a framework that takes into account the different scenarios.

Cancellation of participation by an exhibitor due to Force Majeure.
For example, the impossibility of travelling to Madrid during the fair due to the legal framework in force at origin and/or destination will be considered Force Majeure.

IFEMA/FITUR will refund the exhibitor the amounts received for contracting space and services, or – subject to the exhibitor’s acceptance – will apply these amounts to the next edition of the fair.

Change of dates or temporary suspension by IFEMA/FITUR initiative

IFEMA/FITUR would either refund the amounts received from exhibitors or – subject to their acceptance – apply these amounts to the next edition of the fair.

In the event of any other cancellation by an exhibitor not included in the above descriptions, IFEMA’s general regulations shall apply.

Cancellation of participation by the exhibitor terminates the contractual relationship with IFEMA to all effects and with the loss of the sums which have been accrued by IFEMA at the time of notification. Cancellation must be made expressly and in writing to the exhibition management team.

For the purposes of the above paragraph, the sums accrued are those which the exhibitor should have paid to IFEMA on cancellation, in accordance with the timetable for payments on the exhibitor application form of the event.

If the exhibition management team has been notified of intent to cancel within thirty days prior to the opening of the event, full payment for space hired will be requested by IFEMA.

With respect to the services offered in the IFEMA services catalogue which the exhibitor would have hired prior to cancellation, the cancellation charges established in article 7 of the General Terms and Conditions for Admission and Contracts in Fairs Organised by IFEMA will apply.